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TGU Draft CoverReviews of Tookie Goes Undercover are trickling in. My challenge now is to find reading groups who might be interested in following Tookie’s escapades.

“Tookie Goes Undercover” is the latest novel by George Kaplan featuring the escapades of Tookie. Tookie has a unique outlook and zest for life, and her adventures will keep readers enchanted from the first page to the very last sentence.

Tired of a marriage that has been dead for years, Tookie branches out into the dating world. Trying to find a man that can keep up with her lascivious needs is not easy. Tookie is on fire and the men in her life just cannot meet her needs for the long term. When Tookie finds out that her job is going to be axed, she is dismayed because it will be hard for her to find another one. She is in her sixties and feels she will be in low demand. Her interest is piqued however, when she is offered the chance to be a spy.

Having previously read “Only Tim Sent Flowers,” I loved being able to follow along with Tookie on her latest adventure. I think most middle-aged women will enjoy living vicariously through her. Even if we really would not want to be doing all the things that she does, it is still a welcome relief to enjoy everything through her eyes. Tookie has adventures and misadventures that had me laughing out loud. Her insatiable lust for life carries over well through the pages. She also has many funny nicknames for private body parts.

George Kaplan did an excellent job of carrying Tookie’s character past her middle ages. I also enjoyed his ability to develop a creative plot – the writing is engaging, entertaining and quite fabulous. I have to admit that I never have read anything quite like this book before! “Tookie Goes Undercover” is a must read for middle-aged and post middle-aged women. It would be a perfect selection for women’s reader groups.

Paige Lovitt for Reader Views

In Publishing Limbo



On May 23, little more than a week after Tookie Goes Undercover, the third in the Tookie series, was released, my publisher circulated royalty reports for the most recent quarter. Describing the results had been disappointing, as they had for many small publishers, they offered to release rights back to any authors who wanted them to do that. Not desiring to search for a new publisher at this time, I decided to hold pat for a while and work on the next book in the series, working title Mata Hari Tookie.

I plodded on for a couple of weeks until June 10 when Lauri, the acquisitions editor, announced that Black Opal Books was being purchased and that she was retiring. The current owner is in ill health and had to sell the business. The change in ownership will be effective on July 1. She stated that the new publisher would honor all contracts. The Black Opal message board hummed with activity, mostly thanks to Lauri for all she had done for us and best wishes on her well-deserved retirement. No one guessed at who the new publisher was. I surely didn’t have a clue.

Yesterday, June 13, Lauri wrote that a David Allen would be the new acquisitions editor and that he was very experienced and seemed very nice. A search of the name David Allen returned several different people but none seemed to me to be the right one. I guess I’ll just have to wait to find out. My biggest hope is that the new publisher has the resources to promote the Tookie series.

Tookie Goes Undercover Now Available

TGU Draft CoverTookie Goes Undercover, the third in the Tookie series, is being released this Saturday, May 18 in both print and ebook formats. Copies are available from both the usual on-line resellers and the publisher, Black Opal Books. Order your copy and save 15%:

It can also be pre-ordered at:

Advance reading copies (ARCs) are available. Contact me at if you’re interested in reviewing it.

If you’re not familiar with Tookie or my writing, here is what The Midwest Book Review had to say about the first Tookie book:

“An imaginative, entertaining, fascinating read from beginning to end, George Kaplan’s Only Tim Sent Flowers is an extraordinary novel by a writer with a genuine flair for novelty and narrative driven storytelling complete with unexpected twists and turns. While unreservedly recommended, especially for community library Contemporary General Fiction collections, it should be noted for personal reading lists that “Only Tim Send Flowers” is also available in a digital book format (Kindle, $2.99).”

Download Tookie Before Tim for FREE

tookie before tim fb bgReaders have had questions about Tim and Tookie’s early lives, particularly hers, because they are complicated characters who were impacted by their childhoods. Tookie Before Tim is intended to answer those questions. It might also encourage some people to read the Tookie series. This little ebook tells the life stories of the title characters from birth up to the fateful day on which they first met. Only Tim Sent Flowers starts where this book leaves off.

Asperger’s was unknown when Tookie was a girl and, when it was finally identified as a syndrome on the autism spectrum, it was believed to be a strictly male issue. Girls weren’t believed to have it. So, it never occurred to Tookie’s parents or teachers that she might be on the autism spectrum. Thus, she has had to proceed through life unaware of the possibility.

Today and tomorrow, I’m giving it away FREE to anyone who wants to download it. It can be read on the Kindle device or the Kindle reader available for computers.

You can get it here:

If you like it or if it increases your interested in reading more about her, email me at If you feel like it, send me a blurb.

Tookie Is the Maid-of-Honor This Time

2019 Reader Views Humor awards 150dpiIt’s happened again. Tookie was selected as a finalist for the Reader Views Literary Awards for 2018-2019 Humor category. The awards have been announced and, once again, Tookie doesn’t get to wear the white wedding gown. This time she’s the maid-of-honor, being the runner-up.

The cover, designed by Black Opal Books’ artist Jack, stands out among the other finalists as seen below. Unfortunately, Facebook considered the photo too suggestive because Tookie’s pulling down her panties and wouldn’t accept ads with the cover in them. So, I had to cover them up with a box containing “Banned by Facebook.” Now, I can cover the descending drawers with a sticker.

If you’d like to know about Tookie’s early life, read the free ebook Tookie Before Tim. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, just email me at to get a copy.

Tookie Gets Selected Again

FMW cover w RV seal.pngIt’s happened again. One of my books has been selected as a finalist for an award. The previous times, my creations ended up as runner-ups, not the winner. Finding Mr. Wrong is in the running for Reader Views Literary Awards for 2018-2019 Humor category. Let’s hope Tookie gets to wear the beautiful white wedding gown this time instead of another ugly bridesmaid dress.

Reader View’s reviewer said this about my writing:

“Wow, this book was such an entertaining read! I fell in love with the author’s voice immediately. With a quick wit, a seemingly limitless imagination, and a sharp tongue, Kaplan brings Tookie to life in full magnificent display. Tookie’s trysts from man-to-man and bed-to-bed in search of the perfect partner are hilarious, and Kaplan uses his gift with dialogue to keep the story flowing almost impulsively, and always enticingly. What I want to know is how does Kaplan capture the very essence of Tookie’s personality? It’s almost like he has lived through her experiences directly! So fun!”

It’s nice to be appreciated but it would also be nice to win sometime.

ARCs Should Be On Their Way



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I’ve submitted the final edits for Tookie Goes Undercover and am now waiting for ARCs. They’re supposed to be out early enough to submit to the prepublication reviewers. Getting a review from a major reviewer can result in increased sales, particularly if your book is of interest to libraries. When the ARC arrives, in addition to sending it to review sites and magazines, I will be sending them to individual reviewers interested in reading it.

A reason for getting prepublication reviews is to get endorsements for the book to have available when the book is released. Blurbs—brief quotes extracted from reviews—are sometimes placed on the covers of books before the general public has read them. You’ve probably read some of them. “…An imaginative, entertaining, fascinating read…” and “…an extraordinary novel by a writer with a genuine flair for novelty…” and “…narrative driven storytelling complete with unexpected twists and turns…” all came from a single review of Only Tim Sent Flowers. Unfortunately, it came from a respected postpublication reviewer, Midwest Book Review, and wasn’t available for use when the book was released. Getting a positive review from them is a major compliment for a book but doesn’t boost sales nearly as much as a prepub review.

While we’re waiting for Tookie Goes Undercover, you might read Tookie Before Tim. It is available for FREE for those who eligible for free books from Kindle Select. Those who aren’t eligible can download a PDF for the book here: tookie before tim


Get Your Free Copy of Tookie Before Tim

After releasing Tookie Before Tim, I realized I’d left out an important segment in her life: her time in Milltown before meeting Tim. So, I’ve added a chapter and reloaded it on Kindle. I’ve also created a PDF version for those who’d like to download it. However, I don’t have one of those fancy websites that support downloading files. The easiest way to get a copy is to email me at and I’ll send you your free copy. If you feel like it, send me a blurb.



before tim cover mud

Free Ebook




before tim cover mudYesterday, I uploaded a small ebook to Kindle under my name rather than Black Opal Books, the publisher of the other Tookie books. The reason I did this is that I intend to give this short ebook away as much as possible, something that would be unfair to my publisher if they had invested in it. Tookie Before Tim tells the life stories of the title characters from birth up to the fateful day on which they first met. Only Tim Sent Flowers starts where this book leaves off.

Readers have had questions about Tim and Tookie’s early lives, particularly hers, because they are complicated characters who were impacted by their childhoods. This little book is intended to answer those questions. It might also encourage some people to read the Tookie series.

I put it under the KDP Select program because more people will be able to get free access (I think) to it that way. Its Amazon listing states, “$0.00 kindleunlimited.” Kindle Unlimited is an ebook subscription service that costs subscribers $9.99 a month and (according to Amazon) provides free access to over a million titles.

The Amazon listing also states, “Borrow for free from your Kindle device. Join Amazon Prime.” Apparently, Kindle Unlimited is one of the things paying $99.00 a year buys, in addition to free shipping. So, if you’re an Amazon Prime customer, you’ll be able to read Tookie Before Tim for free so long as it’s in the Kindle Select program.

KDP Select also allows authors to give away their ebooks five days out of each ninety-day enrollment period. I intend to take advantage of this feature and will announce the free days a week ahead to give all who aren’t Kindle Unlimited customers the opportunity to read Tookie Before Tim for free.  Click here for Amazon listing.

I will also make ARCs available to those interested in reviewing it. Email me at if you desire a review copy.

Do You Like This Cover?


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TGU Draft Cover

My next book, the third in the Tookie series, is nearing release and the publisher’s artist has sent me a draft cover. Tookie Goes Undercover is different from the two earlier episodes in that finding love isn’t her primary focus. Don’t worry, Tookie still has a lot of sex but keeping herself alive while discovering the culprits dominate her desires.

Right now, I’d like to hear opinions on the cover, possible loglines and genres.

So far, I’ve come up with three possible loglines:

  1. When counterfeit ED drugs kill men, Big Pharma’s sales plummet. They withhold campaign donations until the CIA teams an agent with a pharmaceutical statistician to track down the culprits.
  2. When her cover as a romance novel writer is blown, a pharmaceutical statistician faces Russian mafia, KGB thugs and bullets to bring the culprits to justice.
  3. With men dying after taking counterfeit ED drugs, an unloved pharmaceutical statistician teams with a delicious agent to uncover the source of the deadly pills.

And these possible genres:

  • Action & Adventure/Romance
  • Mystery & Detective/Amateur Sleuth
  • Mystery & Detective/Women Sleuths
  • Thrillers/Espionage
  • Thrillers/Romantic

Are there any advantages for a book being assigned one genre over another when more than one could apply?

ARCs will be available soon and I’ll be looking for reviewers. Does this sound like something you’d like to read?