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Three UK high school students won a science fair award—one so important the £1,000 prize is being awarded at Buckingham Palace—for inventing a condom sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), VD for you old timers who served in Korea or Vietnam. The two 14-year-old and one 13-year-old boys won the prestigious best health innovation TeenTech award by embedding into the rubber special molecules that adhere to bacteria and viruses. When these molecules attach to an STD, they cause the condom to change colors. Not only does the condom change colors, it fluoresces so that it can even be seen in low light. A feature that makes this invention even more useful is that different colors represent different diseases present: yellow for herpes, green for chlamydia, purple for human papillomavirus, and blue for syphilis. Not known is if special molecules are available to detect gonorrhea or some other STDs. The invention is called S.T. EYE for detecting sexually transmitted diseases by sight.

The news article announcing the invention of S.T. EYE, http://news.islandcrisis.net/2015/06/students-invent-chameleon-condom-that-changes-colour-according-to-std-detected/, discusses using these condoms to determine if a man is lying about or doesn’t know he is infected, his lady (at least for the night) can have him pop one of these babies on and present for a short arms inspection before she lets him mount her. Left undiscussed is how a woman can test herself for infection or how a man can check a woman before infecting himself.

Since the molecules are embedded in the rubber, one would conclude that both sides of the condom would react when exposed to an STD. So, there must be a way for a woman to test herself. Putting a potentially infected man’s member into herself seems unwise but satisfactory alternatives exist. She can unroll an S.T. EYE onto her favorite dildo, vibrator, or vegetable of choice (after remembering to let it reach room temperature first) and slide the prod in, taking care to give it ample opportunity to come in contact with any possibly infected tissue. A man wanting to test a woman can surely convince his lady love that he’s just pleasuring her in a new way.