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I’ve submitted the final edits for Tookie Goes Undercover and am now waiting for ARCs. They’re supposed to be out early enough to submit to the prepublication reviewers. Getting a review from a major reviewer can result in increased sales, particularly if your book is of interest to libraries. When the ARC arrives, in addition to sending it to review sites and magazines, I will be sending them to individual reviewers interested in reading it.

A reason for getting prepublication reviews is to get endorsements for the book to have available when the book is released. Blurbs—brief quotes extracted from reviews—are sometimes placed on the covers of books before the general public has read them. You’ve probably read some of them. “…An imaginative, entertaining, fascinating read…” and “…an extraordinary novel by a writer with a genuine flair for novelty…” and “…narrative driven storytelling complete with unexpected twists and turns…” all came from a single review of Only Tim Sent Flowers. Unfortunately, it came from a respected postpublication reviewer, Midwest Book Review, and wasn’t available for use when the book was released. Getting a positive review from them is a major compliment for a book but doesn’t boost sales nearly as much as a prepub review.

While we’re waiting for Tookie Goes Undercover, you might read Tookie Before Tim. It is available for FREE for those who eligible for free books from Kindle Select. Those who aren’t eligible can download a PDF for the book here: tookie before tim