before tim cover mudYesterday, I uploaded a small ebook to Kindle under my name rather than Black Opal Books, the publisher of the other Tookie books. The reason I did this is that I intend to give this short ebook away as much as possible, something that would be unfair to my publisher if they had invested in it. Tookie Before Tim tells the life stories of the title characters from birth up to the fateful day on which they first met. Only Tim Sent Flowers starts where this book leaves off.

Readers have had questions about Tim and Tookie’s early lives, particularly hers, because they are complicated characters who were impacted by their childhoods. This little book is intended to answer those questions. It might also encourage some people to read the Tookie series.

I put it under the KDP Select program because more people will be able to get free access (I think) to it that way. Its Amazon listing states, “$0.00 kindleunlimited.” Kindle Unlimited is an ebook subscription service that costs subscribers $9.99 a month and (according to Amazon) provides free access to over a million titles.

The Amazon listing also states, “Borrow for free from your Kindle device. Join Amazon Prime.” Apparently, Kindle Unlimited is one of the things paying $99.00 a year buys, in addition to free shipping. So, if you’re an Amazon Prime customer, you’ll be able to read Tookie Before Tim for free so long as it’s in the Kindle Select program.

KDP Select also allows authors to give away their ebooks five days out of each ninety-day enrollment period. I intend to take advantage of this feature and will announce the free days a week ahead to give all who aren’t Kindle Unlimited customers the opportunity to read Tookie Before Tim for free.  Click here for Amazon listing.

I will also make ARCs available to those interested in reviewing it. Email me at GeorgeQKaplan@gmail.com if you desire a review copy.