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TGU Draft Cover

My next book, the third in the Tookie series, is nearing release and the publisher’s artist has sent me a draft cover. Tookie Goes Undercover is different from the two earlier episodes in that finding love isn’t her primary focus. Don’t worry, Tookie still has a lot of sex but keeping herself alive while discovering the culprits dominate her desires.

Right now, I’d like to hear opinions on the cover, possible loglines and genres.

So far, I’ve come up with three possible loglines:

  1. When counterfeit ED drugs kill men, Big Pharma’s sales plummet. They withhold campaign donations until the CIA teams an agent with a pharmaceutical statistician to track down the culprits.
  2. When her cover as a romance novel writer is blown, a pharmaceutical statistician faces Russian mafia, KGB thugs and bullets to bring the culprits to justice.
  3. With men dying after taking counterfeit ED drugs, an unloved pharmaceutical statistician teams with a delicious agent to uncover the source of the deadly pills.

And these possible genres:

  • Action & Adventure/Romance
  • Mystery & Detective/Amateur Sleuth
  • Mystery & Detective/Women Sleuths
  • Thrillers/Espionage
  • Thrillers/Romantic

Are there any advantages for a book being assigned one genre over another when more than one could apply?

ARCs will be available soon and I’ll be looking for reviewers. Does this sound like something you’d like to read?