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Inflatable doll headLast time, I ended by saying I’m fearful of being obsoleted by technology. That’s not entirely true. No machine could ever be developed to give a blow job to compare with mine. However, many men aren’t so discerning and are happy with whatever quality they get. That fact was proven by the popularity of inflatable sex dolls over the years. Although crude, not lifelike and inert, lonely men unable to have relationships with women bought them by the thousands.

Over the years, the technology improved, at a much higher price, and lifelike sex dolls were created. They became so popular that one of them was the focus of a 2007 movie, Lars and the Real Girl. Anatomically correct Bianca was an order of magnitude more expensive than the inflatable sex dolls and could be posed in numerous positions. None of this was shown in the film.

In recent years, actual sex robots have been developed and are being used in brothels. Fortunately for us women, they are more expensive than most men can afford. Not so expensive special-purpose robots have also been developed. Those that perform oral sex on men are the ones that worry me. So far, the ones on the market are so basic in function that they can’t compete with a skilled woman. No man I’ve ever blown would pick one of these over getting the real thing from me.

Autoblow 2+XTA new model, the Autoblow 2+XT, has been announced and claims to have features that rival or exceed most women’s repertoires. For starters, it is hands free—if the man wedges it between pillows and lays on top of it—has two speeds and has five arms of beads that grip tighter than in previous models to give a more realistic feeling.

One of its purported strengths is that it doesn’t require batteries because it plugs into an ordinary electrical socket. That gives me a tremendous advantage. I don’t require electricity of any sort and get especially turned on just being in the woods.

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