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Today’s guest blogger is Tookie herself. She will be talking about the sex robots we’ve all been reading about in the papers the last couple of years.

The_Sensuous_WomanI knew I’d have to do something to attract men after I broke up with Tim. He was the only man who ever thought I was beautiful or wanted to marry me. I had enjoyed the necking and petting we had done, although I never let him know that. I missed his affection my first dateless weekend and browsed a bookstore for something interesting to read. The girls at work had tittered about The Sensuous Woman that had just come out, so I pulled a copy off the shelf and looked to see if anyone was watching me.

I took as a sign that the book opened to the section on giving your man mind-blowing oral sex because I’d always wanted to suck on Tim’s but was afraid I’d shock him. The little bit I felt comfortable about reading in public convinced me that voluntarily giving oral sex would be my ticket to an active dating life. Not yet having the self-confidence to blatantly slap such a book down in front of a clerk, I slipped it between two paperback mysteries and headed to the checkout counter.

My first attempt was a bit awkward but I enjoyed the power I had over men. Practice made perfect. With my hair grown out to shoulder-blade length, I needed only my lips, tongue and imagination to drive men wild. Their adulation inflated my ego and I wore my Carver-Watkins Blow Job Queen tiara with pride. The tiniest flirt from me was all I needed to get an invitation for a date from any man at work I wanted.

Fast forward some decades and I’m in fear of being obsoleted by technology. You’ve surely read about the sex robots that are being developed. Now, inexpensive special-purpose devices are being tested that are designed to make me obsolete. The specifics on that next time.

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