In its eighth annual Singles In America report, on-line dating site Match.com recently polled 5,000 people and had some interesting findings. Perhaps the most enlightening thing was that 66 is the best age for sex for women and 64 for men, not for decades-younger singles with more nubile bodies. Not surprising is that women are 70% less tolerant of bad sex than men. After all, many men are happy to have any sex, exciting or otherwise, where single women can get sex any time they want it, although not necessarily with the man they most want.

Women have had avenues for what they consider good sex for decades. Vibrators are available in such a large variety that a woman need never get bored pleasuring herself. A combination of the machines’ functions, the woman’s skill in using them, and how her body reacts to various ways of being stimulated provide her with an almost infinite number of ways to escape boredom. Men do not have such options—yet.

Woman with male sex robotSex robots are just now becoming available for men, although far from perfected as yet. Thirty-one percent of men say they would have sex with a robot but only fifteen percent of women admit being willing to consider doing it with a robot. Not stated was how many single women admit to using vibrators regularly. A cynic might conclude that, since women find their electrified experiences so good, few see a reason for spending thousands of dollars for an ersatz male with a human-like penis. Perhaps, having the option to replace the mechanical male organ with any of a number of vibrators might make androids more intriguing.

Something men would like to know is how sex for women a little younger or older than 66 stacks up to experiences at that age. If satisfaction spikes up at that magical age, focusing on dating 66-year-old women to the exclusion of others would make sense. Or, does pleasure ramp up to the peak and decline slowly from it. Inquiring minds want to know.