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CurtsyI’ve never heard of sex divas and Googling the term isn’t productive because it just returns videos of divas and women who call themselves Diva performing various sex acts. No Wikipedia definition, no discussions of sex divas and relationship issues for people involved with them on more than a fleeting basis. This absence of information leads me to believe that I’ve coined a new term, possibly because there are too few sex divas in captivity to warrant having a label for them. For full disclosure, I’ve only known one sex diva and no other woman comes close to earning that title. I admit to having had a limited sample size on which to base many conclusions. However, the lack of discussion of them suggests that they are few in number and that I was unlucky enough to fall for one.

I fell in love with what I thought was a chaste girl next door in the mold of Wilma from The Best Years of Our Lives a few months before being drafted. I returned from Vietnam to a different young woman who no longer loved me.

Some years later, we connected briefly when she wanted me to comfort her after yet another man had hurt her. Shortly after arriving, she caught me completely off guard and seduced me, confident in the knowledge that I still loved her and that I’d always desired her greatly but had never attempted anything beyond necking and petting. She shocked me with the best oral sex I’ve ever experienced, before or since. I was afraid I would have a heart attack, it was so intense. Afterward, she trolled me for praise. After sex, other women have been concerned about how I felt about them, often expressing love for me and wanting me to confirm my love for them. Not her, she wanted verbal applause. She wanted to be told how great she was and how she gave incomparable blow jobs. Later, she asked me to watch her masturbate but broke off relations before we had an opportunity for her to show off her talents in that regard. She is surely a sex diva, something I think is in short supply outside the Nevada chicken ranches.

I’d love hearing about your experiences with such women?