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Something this plethora of recent articles about robot sex doesn’t address is how much more difficult it will become for us Aspie girls who desire to get our hands on a hot breathing man who’s excited to drill deep into our caverns or, like me, to see their reactions when I unexpectedly pleasure them as only I can. I can’t imagine playing games with machines.  Their reactions would be…robotic at best.  I may be unusual for an Aspie because I like to play games with men, with their minds and aroused bodies.

I find myself attracted to men with poor social skills, often Aspie boys, perhaps because I can get away with things more polished guys wouldn’t tolerate. I don’t know how I could get the upper hand with a robot. It would do what I command without question, provided it’s in his repertoire. If it’s not—and many things I’d like to do but haven’t—wouldn’t be, I’d have to break it down step by step to basic actions he—yes, although I’m not a girly girl, I don’t need another vagina to entertain me—would have been programmed to do. I suppose I could program things into his memory by first telling him that I’m teaching him something new and giving it a name, then taking him through what I want him to do step by step.

A quick internet search tells me that sex dolls, toys and robots with vibrating, rotating tongues to please the ladies are already on the market. My Sidney will quickly learn to give me rusty trumpets without demanding I reciprocate. I will reciprocate in different ways—reciprocate isn’t the right word because pleasuring men gives me great pleasure. However, much of the thrill I get is doing them when they least expect it. But how will I get such reactions from a robot?

Dental Robot

Dental robot with working tongue.