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Virtual Reality (VR) has been used as a tool for people on the autistic spectrum and articles about partner-free sex are being published with increasing frequency, primarily for young men. Little, however, has been mentioned about VR sex for autistics, especially women. Aspergirls, especially those who enjoy masturbating as their preferred sex act, might find greater enjoyment with visual stimulation as accompaniment to pleasuring themselves manually, with a dildo or aided by a vibrator. VR could be used as a training device for unintuitive young women wanting to have sexual experiences. Such devices could protect them from being exploited by men or women just wanting to use them for sex.

Woman with VR gogglesNow that inexpensive VR devices that couple with smart phones are on the market, all that remains to be developed is software. Much VR porn has been developed, both animated and with actors, and is becoming more realistic all the time. At least one vendor advertises 3D holograms that claims to allow the viewer to be a pornstar. “This new technology not allows you not only to touch the actress but also react to their motions.” Note that most of what’s available is geared toward 20-something males having intercourse with or receiving oral sex from a woman. Special devices are included to make either experience more realistic. Being immersed in the making of a porn film is probably too intense for mature Aspies and would likely be downright scary for young, inexperienced ones.

A Spanish couple’s company produces interactive porn movies that control a vibrator or a dongle, depending on the sex of the viewer, to create a lifelike feel for the encounter. Again, inexperienced Aspie girls would probably be overwhelmed by such an encompassing exposure.

Perhaps the ideal application for Aspergirls would be scenarios in which a supportive, but not sexy, guides her through learning to masturbate, then on to using a vibrator, cheering her on and applauding her efforts along the way. Since learning when and where masturbation is acceptable, more advanced scenarios would place her in a random variety of locations and situations in which she would received positive reinforcement for pleasuring herself in appropriate places and negative reinforcement elsewhere.

With sex robots on the way, this VR world will likely change very rapidly in the near future. One positive is that young men with poor social skills will probably not find a need to take advantage of naïve Aspies.