Beautiful Red Head Woman With Freckle Smiling

Yippee! Black Opal Books released Only Tim Sent Flowers this weekend in both Kindle and paperback. Either version can be purchased from the publisher, Black Opal Books, or Amazon.com. You can find it at: Black Opal’s site. It can also be found on Amazon.

While waiting for Only Tim Sent Flowers to be released, I put together a simple book trailer about it and put it up on YouTube.com.  Let me know if you find it helpful or not.

My challenge now as a first-time, unknown novelist is to figure out how to let potential readers know it exists. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Editors and early readers say that I’ve created a unique character in Tookie. No one quite like her is found elsewhere. They also commented on the humor that is sprinkled copiously throughout her story, even in some of her sex scenes.