A recent study of women with big butts informs us that big behinds produce smart kids. A HuffingtonPost article reports that University of Pittsburgh Professor Will Lassek found that an omega-3 fatty acid that is important to the development of babies’ brains, nervous systems and eyes in the first six months of their lives. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), the omega-3 fatty acid in question, is found in the fat in women’s thighs and buttocks. Researchers think a connection exists between the amount of fat located in women’s thighs and butts and the intelligence of their offspring.

David Bainbridge, a reproductive biologist at Cambridge University, maintains that lipids found in breastmilk that are essential to building kids’ brains come largely from fat in the nursing mother’s thighs and bum.

Some opine that men who prefer women with curvier body types because of the increased chance of having smarter children. Dr. Viren Swami thinks hungry men prefer women with slightly larger breasts and slightly larger women. Another study found that, when looking at curvy women, parts of the brain associated with alcohol or drugs are triggered. That might explain Playboy Magazine’s popularity.

This research bodes well for Tookie having smart kids, something that is very important, because, although small breasted, she has a nice round bottom and thicker than average thighs. She would be pleased to hear this.