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A recent article out of the UK claims that, according to a survey, 46 per cent of women admit to fantasizing about someone other than their husband or boyfriend (assuming they don’t have husbands) when having sex with them. Were they imagining they were having hot times with Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise? No. A hunk from the gym? No again. A former lover? Not mentioned. They most often fantasized about guys they worked with. Eight per cent of women admitted to actually having sex with their boss. That’s one out of twelve women, guys.

Let’s take a closer look at the survey to see if it might be biased. 1,300 people were surveyed. Statisticians tell us that’s a good sample size. The article doesn’t say anything about the breakdown of respondents, so we don’t know if the survey was skewed toward men or women, single or married, etc. The fact that the survey was conducted by Lovehoney.com, a retailer of sex toys, might skew the results if only its customers or browsers participated. There might also be cultural differences.

So, we don’t know if one out of twelve American women have sex with their bosses like Lovehoney.com claims UK women do or if they most often fantasize about a guy from work. On a personal note—and I think this holds for most American men—to my knowledge no women I’ve worked with has ever fantasized about having sex with me. Come to think of it, one did come on to me—once and only once—but she was married and I was not only not interested but shocked when it happened because she had chased her husband relentlessly to get him to marry her. I wasn’t her boss or vice versa. She complained that he wasn’t all that interested in her. Perhaps she should have considered that before dragging him down the aisle. She probably didn’t fantasize about me, she was just bored and unhappy with the situation she set up for herself.

The article can be found at: http://metro.co.uk/2015/06/05/half-of-women-think-about-someone-else-during-sex-and-its-usually-a-colleague-5231612/