If college girls and grads didn’t have enough trouble finding dates and men to marry, a recent trend is making matters worse for them. Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW), a loose organization of heterosexual men who choose to avoid entanglements with women, first appeared in 2005 on the internet although some men have gone their own way since Biblical times. Some might consider MGTOW to be the adult version of He-Man Women Haters Club but the adult version came about as the result of negative, often legal, problems with women, particularly those they married and had children with.

MGTOW claims to be a “…group which includes young, virile, handsome, ripped, wealthy and tall men with hair who have learned that dating , relationships, cohabitation, even sex and marriage contracts FAIL a cost/benefit analysis….. and this forces detractors to accept that MGTOW are not the problem. Men are doing the ‘rejecting’ now.”

Many are rejecting modern women, complaining that: “The women they encounter demand attention, loyalty, resources and undue privilege, while offering very little in return. The natural hypergamous nature that once served them well in their quest to secure the best possible mate is now a sustained lifestyle bringing an endless pursuit of bigger and better. The average young woman today is less concerned about the number of quality men who would commit to her than she is about the number of men who retweet a photo of her breasts.”

One suspects divorce courts, child support, community property laws, and men being held responsible for children conceived in their marriages although fathered by men other than themselves have influenced many men who had previously been interested in women to go their own way. Somehow one suspects that occasional one-night stands and prostitutes are not completely shunned. MGTOW may be fertile ground worthy of plowing further.