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Are Aspie women sociopaths, victims of sociopaths, or both? Aspies are often mistaken for sociopaths because of their lack of empathy. Differentiating between the two can be difficult, even moreso when borderline personality disorder is thrown into the mix. One difference is that Aspie’s are often awkward socially whereas sociopaths are their most effective when socially charming. Aspie women’s physical attractiveness and naiveté combine to make them ripe targets for sociopaths. Love-starved Aspie women are extremely vulnerable to silver-tongued sociopaths’ considerable charms. The tendency of Aspie women to be attracted to Aspie men, who don’t flatter them and sometimes aren’t very charming, sets them up for unscrupulous men who know exactly the right words to say to get these lovelies to drop their panties without knowing much about their seducer.

As soon as the sociopath gets what he wants—and a long-term relationship with an Aspie woman isn’t usually one of his priorities—he moves on to another prey, or back to his primary ongoing prey who didn’t realize he was gone. If the Aspie woman is lucky, very lucky, she has a sex-filled weekend in which she does things for the sociopath she doesn’t want to admit to herself she did and thinks she’s finally found true love. After he doesn’t call or return her many calls, she won’t let herself accept that she’d been duped. Her biggest impediment to protecting herself is her intelligence. She assumes that her intelligence causes her to make intelligent decisions. This blind spot keeps her from acknowledging that she’d been had. She couldn’t have been wrong about his love for her. Something terrible must’ve happened to keep him from her. Maybe his wife’s giving him trouble with the divorce. Something’s gone wrong with his job. He might’ve been in a car wreck….

If she’s incredibly lucky, the sociopath won’t have given the Aspie woman an STD or have taken a significant amount of money from her. Next time we’ll consider what it’s like for an NT male to unwittingly fall in love with an Aspie woman.