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A recent study on English women’s personal hygiene was reported on in Sunday’s edition of The Telegraph, the results of which surprise few of those who find Europeans’ bathing habits insufficient to keep body odor to a tolerable level. Of the 2,021 women aged 18 to 50 who were surveyed by an outfit called Flint + Flint, four out of five don’t shower daily and one out of three goes three days between washings. Two thirds go to bed without removing their makeup but only one in eight doesn’t brush her teeth before hitting the hay. Only 21 per cent shower or bathe daily. One in three has gone three days without washing, or even wiping her face, let alone her body. A full 57 per cent admit to quick freshen ups with wipes. American Aspie women who have hygiene issues might feel comfortable in Old Albion, where their lack of proper hygiene probably wouldn’t be noticed. The report said nothing about English Aspies, so one assumes study participants were a cross-section of English society and, as such, could include some Aspie Englishwomen.

American Aspie women who consider showering optional might find England, and European countries with similar bathing habits, to be ideal places for them to live without standing out negatively and could have increased dating prospects as a happy coincidence.

However, hygiene issues manifest themselves differently with individual Aspie women. They are also influenced by other issues the person may have. One Aspie woman I have known is meticulous about her hygiene and showers religiously upon rising early each morning. She wears no makeup or perfume, thus eliminating the need for a lengthy pre-bed cleansing ritual. Her only artificial smell is the pleasant citrus scent her shampoo leaves behind in her hair. Her need for routine interacted with her need for hygiene when she changed jobs to a new one that required a one-hour commute and started an hour earlier. As an experiment to sleep a bit later, she showered before going to bed one night. The experiment worked but she reverted to showering in the morning because she was comfortable with that routine.