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As one who grew up in the time of shotgun weddings, I was advised by a much-older acquaintance, “Don’t sleep with a woman you wouldn’t want to marry” and heard the old adage, “Don’t have sex with a woman worse off than you.” Prior to the sexual revolution of the late-1960s that popularized free love, permitted shacking up, and pretty much ended shotgun weddings, men were circumspect about having sex with physically attractive Aspie women who lacked social skills. A few hours of pleasure weren’t worth a lifetime of misery. As an old, unhappy sergeant once told me, “It only costs three dollars to get married but takes everything you make the rest of your life to stay married and it’s cheaper to stay married than to get divorced.” Easy divorce came soon after that but was too late for him. These societal changes worked together to benefit Aspie women by releasing allowing them the freedom to be active sexually without being coerced into unwanted marriages.

In many ways, the last half-century has been the best of times for Aspie women. Prettier and more youthful looking than the average woman in their age bracket, they easily attract men. In pre-AIDS days, they could readily enjoy one-night stands and hook-ups with men wanting the same. AIDS has taken promiscuity off the table for most Aspie women because, in addition to being attractive, they are highly intelligent and intelligent women don’t risk AIDS or other social diseases. Heterosexuals, men and women alike, now exercise more caution but still readily find commitment-free sex partners. Aspie women are perfect for men not desiring marriage and commitments: great sex on weekends, text messages in between, and phone sex when they’re horny and few discussions about “us.” It’s a win-win.

This is one of the rare times in which both men and women get what they want out of a relationship. Unless one of them gets serious. Then it’s time to move on. Serial monogamy is likely more prevalent among Aspie women than others because they tend to avoid the pressures of truly intimate relationships and easily find fault with demanding lovers. When that happens, they move on to the next guy. It will be interesting to see how golden aged Aspies compete with widows for the shrinking pool of men.